Sunday, October 26, 2014

Missouri's Raw Diehl

Ron Calzone of Missouri First has a petition to the Missouri House of Representatives to be signed by citizens of Missouri opposing the election of State Representative John Diehl to the position of Missouri Speaker of the House.

There is a lot of reading to be done to understand why some of the most important bills, that a huge majority of Missourians fought for and supported, failed after progressing successfully through the legislative process.  Ron Calzone (2nd Amendment Preservation Act), Stacey Shore and Jill Carter (Common Core), Laura Hausladen (Missouri’s Coalition for Transparent and Secure Elections) have summarized where these bills failed and who, in power, is responsible for them failing.

John Diehl is a concern to parents fighting Common Core, defenders of the 2nd Amendment, citizens who insist on due process and oppose red light cameras, people fighting for paper ballots and fair elections, and many others.   Please read the detailed reports on how John Diehl has affected each of those issues just this year alone.

Report:  John Diehl Killed the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act
Report:  John Diehl was an obstacle in the fight against Common Core
Report:  John Diehl not only didn't help stop red light cameras, he tried to legalize them.
Report:  John Diehl told citizens fighting for fair elections, "I don't care what the people want.”
Excerpt from the petition:
Among our grievances are Representative Diehl's lack of response toward -- and even obstruction of -- legislation that has clearly had very broad based support.
·         Obstructing the passage of meaningful public education reform legislation which would protect the rights of students and parents
·         Killing the Second Amendment Preservation Act by refusing to take up and pass either of two bills the Senate passed, but instead disingenuously amending one so it would return to the Senate with only 20 minutes left in the legislative session – certain death for the bill
·         Standing with old business cronies who profit from unjust red light cameras designed to fleece motorists
·         Siding with the companies that profit from Missouri's use of electronic voting machines, and resorting to heavy-handed tactics to block widely popular legislation that would have made the truly auditable paper ballot the official ballot in Missouri

Please educate yourself on this issue and join the hundreds who have already signed the petition asking our Representatives to elect someone other than John Diehl as the next Speaker of the House. Missouri First is delivering this petition to every member of the majority caucus.

Go here to sign the petition:
Speak now, or our voice won't mean much for a long time.

For liberty,

Ron Calzone, director
Missouri First, Inc.

Follow the money:

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