Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Witness Forms Needed - TODAY!

Concerned Womenfor America of Missouri, United for Missouri, Missouri Alliance for Freedom and The Missouri Torch, as well as Missouri First all think a government prescription drug monitoring database (PDMP) is an affront to liberty and have been vocally opposing it.
HB130 (Rehder) is the House version of the PDMP bill. It has already passed the House (here's the vote) and is scheduled for a hearing Wednesday, April 8th, in the Senate. We need your witness forms for that hearing ASAP.

The support for a PDMP among legislators is waning and with more public outrage, and with new facts we present to them, there's a reasonable chance we could turn the tide.

Hearing On Wednesday!
Your attendance or witness form needed...

If you are unable to attend your voice can still be heard in this hearing!
Please fill out the online witness form. See the link below to access the form. It's simple, just fill in the boxes marked in red, add your comments if desired and hit the "submit" button at the bottom of the form. If you want updates on the progress of this bill, include your email address at the bottom of this form. Once you submit the form you'll get another screen with the option to print a copy for your records.

This online form is a legal record of your voice that will be hand carried into the hearing:


Ron Calzone outlined some points to consider. 
Bullet points:

1.       Government surveillance
2.      0.26% doesn’t warrant government control.
3.      Obamacare: Centralized power to run your life.
4.      The drug database: Government foot in the door to define & determine mental illness.
5.      2013 Dept. of Revenue illegally released the personal data of 163,000 CCP holders.

From Ron Calzone:

Here are some things about a drug database to consider:
  1. A PDMP is not just about collecting data -- it puts you under system of government surveillance, with government computers sifting through your private data in ways human agents can't do.
  2. According to the National Survey on Drugs and Health, where non-medical use of prescription drugs is concerned, Missouri is only 0.26% (1/4 of 1%) worse, without a PDMP, than the national average, and all the other states already have PDMPs set up!
  3. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is all about data collection. The more they know about you, the more they will be able to control your family's personal decisions. Instead of resisting Obamacare, a PDMP plays right into the hands of those trying to centralize power and run your life.
  4. The last few years, federal officials have used questions about one's mental condition as a form of back-door gun control. Veterans have particularly been victimized. Some people think the prescription drug database will facilitate claims of mental illness, leading to loss of gun rights, simply because someone has received a prescription that contains an ingredient sometimes used to treat emotional or mental illnesses.
  5. The state of Missouri has already demonstrated that it can't be trusted with our personal data. Remember the Department of Revenue scandal in 2013 in which they illegally released the personal data of 163,000 conceal carry permit holder? What you may not know is that to this day the DOR is still violating other provisions of Missouri’s anti – Real ID statute, in spite of sanctions imposed on them by the General Assembly.
I'm sure you can think of a lot of other reasons to oppose more data collection, so please include your comments on the witness form or, better yet, talk to the committee yourself.
For Liberty,
- Ron.

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