Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Call To Prayer & Support

Steven & Brenda Fuller

The Fuller's have been active supporters of Macon County Patriots since our beginning. Steve & Brenda are the Patriots you want at your side defending liberty and the U.S. Constitution! They are also very dear friends of ours.

Brenda has been in a battle with colon cancer and the Fuller family has just been forced to the front lines in the fight.

We are asking for everyone to please join in prayer and give as much support as you are able to help this family through the finances as they enter into uncommon resources to save Brenda's life. There has been a Go Fund Me account set up as well as donations being received to their account at Bank Midwest in Macon, MO.

Yesterday 4/7/16: "Steve and Brenda have been a part of this community for many years and they are people I call dear friends of mine. Brenda is fighting for her life and they were told today she is not a candidate for traditional medical treatments ... they were supposed to start chemo today now they have decided she can’t so with this news they have made the decision to fly to Mexico for treatment as a last resort. In making this decision they are having to take on all expenses out of pocket. I ask you to lift them up in your thoughts and prayers and if you find it in your Heart and wish to help them out financially please make donations to their account at Bank Midwest in Macon, MO or on here. Thank you and God Bless you the power of prayers continue and miracles do happen everyday!!!" Julie Knowles Hayes

Today 4/8/16  Update from their daughter, Heather: "landed in SanDiego and mom, dad and aunt Lise left for Tijuana and Immunity Therapy Center. Hard to watch them drive away but God has led us on this journey and we trust that He has brought mom to where she needs to be in order to fight this terrible cancer trying to destroy her body ... thank you all for prays and well wishes ..."

As you can see, things are moving rapidly for them. Steve & Brenda are fighters and have the resolute support of their family and this incredible community. Please add them to your prayer support groups, your church prayer lists and personal prayers. Also as Julie has stated, "if you find it in your Heart and wish to help them out financially please make donations to their account at Bank Midwest in Macon, MO"  or through the Go Fund Me account.

Updates are being made on the Go Fund Me page. 
Their daughter, Tara, posted this as they took flight:

 May the Lord be with us as we do...

4/10/16 Update:

"Why did we choose Immunity Therapy Center and Dr. Bautista for my mom's cancer treatment ... check this link out and see for yourself ...
There have been so many people with so many questions about what type of treatments mom will receive while at this amazing facility, and it is easier for you to read about it than for me to explain ."

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